Hipsters Upset at Growing Popularity of PBR – Claim They Liked Shitty Beer Before it was Cool

Hipster PBR Brewmerica - Hipsters Liked Shitty Beer Before it was coolIn addition to independent coffee shops, and vinyl records, you’ll find PBR to be a popular trend among Hipsters. “PBR”, made by Pabst Blue Ribbon, is a shit-quality beer, made with crappy ingredients and worshipped by guys with curly mustaches and pony tails.

With the ironic exception of Apple Inc., hipsters commonly avoid “big businesses” in attempt to keep from supporting “the man”. However, this ideology has been increasingly difficult to maintain in the piss-beer sector, as most piss-beer is produced by major beer Kingpins like Anheiser Busch.

Remaining a relatively small company, Pabst Blue Ribbon seems to be the acceptable equilibrium. “PBR is the shittiest beer you can enjoy without supporting ‘the man’. And we love it.” commented one man wearing Ray-Bans.

However, with the increasing demand for shitty beer, PBR is expanding accordingly. This is upsetting hipsters, many claiming “We liked shitty beer before it was cool.”

In the world of hipsters, things only remain cool, as long as no one else has caught-on. As PBR gains more popularity, hipsters will be forced to shift their interests onto another shitty product to avoid both supporting a big company, and also becoming too “mainstream”.

The spokesperson from Pabst Blue Ribbon declined to comment.

Popularity of PBR