About Brewmerica

What is this site?

Brewmerica was born out of our enthusiasm for Craft Beer. It is comprised of several main elements:

The Beer blog/reviews: This is our log of personal experience/commentary on every new beer we drink. Sometimes it involves raving about the greatness of a beer, and sometimes it involves utterly destroying the beer out of disgust. Other times it’s just clever, brief commentary or a witty cultural reference. Each post also includes a star-rating as well as a geo-tag, showing where we were in the world when we had it.

Beer news: Satirical news articles, occasionally based on real headlines, but usually just us making fun of things (often light beer).

Videos: In the future, we plan to create and post original video content on Brewmerica. It will also be visible on our Youtube Channel: Brewmerica

Community: This is the area of the site that is run entirely by the users. Here, you can write your own reviews, and read the reviews from others. You can also add beer to our archives! Visit the Community tab to learn more.


Who writes all this?

Everything on this site is original content, with very few exclusions. All reviews, “news” and images are created by the one or two admins here at Brewmerica. It will be clear what content is not original – such as a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio. And anything else that is not original will be marked accordingly, with credit given to the proper owners.


Can I post on this site?

Of course. Everything under the Community section of the site is run by users.


Where else can I find Brewmerica?

Bruh, we’ve cornered interwebs. You can find us at all this stuff:






How is this site protected?

“Brewmerica” is being used as a trademark – as expressed by the “TM” in the logo – and has a pending application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This website is owned and operated under Feigh Company LLC, which reserves full rights to all original content.

We encourage you to share and spread our content, but please do not steal it or use the content maliciously. In other words – don’t be an asshole. This site is our baby. 🙂


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